The Music Sense Project

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Welcome to the Music Sense Project, more specifically, Shop Music Sense, the Shopify store extension to the Music Sense project.

The entire purpose of this store is to help independent musicians sell their music in a way that's easy and familiar music lovers.

Most music outlets require that you download some new app or install some new software, or learn a whole new system in order to buy. A lot of venues are moving toward exclusivity, meaning that you can only buy through them.

Not that there's anything wrong with that model, we just think that you being able to buy music with little or no hassles is a good thing. There are only so many apps you can download right?

So, if you're tired of hearing the same old music over and over again, and you want something fresh to listen to - maybe something you've never heard before - then take the time to browse our store, listen to the music, and buy direct from independent musicians.

NOTE: Music Sense supports independent music and the musicians that create it. That's why 100% of your purchase goes gets paid out to the musician you're buying from.

Thank you for supporting the musicians, and thank you for supporting us!

Welcome to the Music Sense Project by Echoingwalls Music!

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